This is a quick note on essential configurations of TeXShop to compile LaTeX using the minted package. It works for the operation system OS X.

Install essential external software

The minted package in LaTeX uses Pygments to fontify the codes included in the .tex files. Read more in its home page.

There are multiple ways to install Pygments on OS X. We recommend to use pip to install it. If you don’t have pip (test if you have pip by running pip --version in your terminal), install it by running the following in your terminal:

$ sudo easy_install pip

Then use pip to install Pygments by running in terminal (you may use sudo):

$ pip install Pygments

Enable shell-escape in your pdftex/pdflatex commands

Go to the preference menu of TeXShop: Preferences -> Engine, where we add -shell-escape at the end of both commands Tex and Latex under the pdfTeX label.

That’s it! Compile your LaTeX files and enjoy~